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My general research interest in on the investigation of the fate and effects of toxic legacy and emerging organic contaminants in the environment. To apply integrated approaches to investigate their biogeochemical cycles, in particular the contaminant-organism interactions in aquatic ecosystems to better understand the bioconcentration and biomagnification in foodwebs and eventual exposure to humans. My latest research and interest focus on the investigation of the occurrence of macro- and micro-plastics as well as organic plastic additives and the contaminant-plastic interactions in the marine environment.

Some examples of my past and current research areas:

-Atmospheric occurrence, deposition and air-water exchange of POPs and related contaminants
-Fate, transport and source identification
-Trace and ultra-trace POPs environmental analysis, bio-detection and screening
-Design / implementation of multi-media sampling strategies and monitoring programs
- Bioaccumulation in the foodweb and exposure (eco-toxicological and regulatory implications)
-Organic plastics additives and interactions with macro- and micro-plastics
-Scientific and technical support to Global/EU Environmental Policies on chemical pollution management (e.g. Stockholm Convention, WFD, MSFD, EQS, CLRTAP, REACH)





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