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Most relevant training performed (selection)



- STATA (Data Analysis and Statistical Software). IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona (2012)

-GC/MS (Varian 450 GC / 240 Ion Trap MS). Instrument and Varian MS Workstation Software. Trainer: Varian. LGEI, Ales, France (2010)


- Introduction to ArcGIS. Trainer: Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). JRC, Ispra, Italy. (2008)


- HRGC/HRMS (Thermo 2 x Trace GC ultra / DSF High Resolution Magnetic Sector MS). Instrument and Software Excalibur. Trainer: Thermo. JRC-IES, Ispra, Italy. (2007)


- Quantitative Structure-Activity relationships (QSAR) Analysis. Trainer: European Chemicals Bureau. JRC, Ispra, Italy. (2006)


- GC/MS (Trace GC / Trace DSQ). Instrument and Software Excalibur and Merlin. Trainer: Thermo. JRC, Ispra, Italy. (2005)


- IUCLID and EUSES: Tools for risk assessment of chemical substances. Trainer: European Chemicals Bureau. Miguel Fernández University, Elche, Spain. (2002)


- Seminar on risk assessment of chemical substances in the environment. Trainer: Department of Environment. INIA, Madrid, Spain. (2002)


- Toxic metals in the environment: analytical methodology for their determination and speciation. Trainer: Department of Analytical Chemistry. Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. (2000)


- Soil pollution and remediation. Trainer: Department of Agro-Chemistry. Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. (2000)


- Chromatographic methods applied to organic chemistry. Trainer: Department of Organic Chemistry. Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. (1999)


- Instrumental techniques and agro-environmental analysis. Trainer: The Madrid Institute of Agricultural and Food Research (I.M.I.A), Spain. (1999)


- Specialist management training in the quality of continental waters. Trainer: Department of Geology and Geochemistry. Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. (1999)


- Environmental legislation, impact assessment and environmental auditory. Residues management. Trainer: ESAE PIGIER, Madrid, Spain. (1996)




- Creative Problem Solving. Trainer: Greenhouse group. JRC, Ispra, Italy. (2007)


- Advance Public Speaking. Trainer: JRC, Ispra, Italy. (2007)


- Effective Writing for Scientific Reports and Papers. Trainer: JRC, Ispra, Italy. (2005)


- Professional web design. Trainer: Adams Academy, Madrid, Spain. (2001)


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