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Personal interests

Outdoors activities

Outdoors activities make me feel closer to Nature...

I  love scuba diving. It feels like flying in an entire different new world. I currently have the Rescue Diver license (PADI). I have worked in a scuba diving center in Mallorca (Spain) couple of summers and it was a great experience. This experience also gave me a different dimension of this activity. It was a pleasure to help on the training and to accompany people in their first dive observing their reactions. It was always interesting watching their first breaths underwater. A world that seems forbidden to us but paradoxically it’s our origin, the origin of life in earth.

J.Castro underwater

I also like to be in the mountains, hiking, skiing, walking with my snowshoes in beautiful places, especially here in the Alps. I love the silence of the whiteness when you stop in your path in the middle of nowhere. More in the summer time, I go often to the mountain with my bike. A different feeling.

The Odle (Dolomite Alps)-Italy

J.Castro in Riale (Val Formazza)-Italy

Valformazza (Italy)

On the top

I have also worked for a multi-adventure resort (Sport Natura, Madrid) during several summers. I was leading groups and teaching several activities such us, kayaking, orientation and several team-building activities

Oriental disciplines

I have always been attracted by martial arts. I started to practice Kenpo-Karate during my first year at the university. I got trapped by its principles and the development of self-defence techniques and forms. Coordination, concentration, strength, balance, precision and control. I have been practitioner of this discipline for about 15 years. I would say that this discipline helped me a lot on keeping not only in a good physical shape but also mental. I got the black belt 1st DAN (
F.E.K.) in 2002. Afterwards, I taught some self-defense courses.

In 2005 I approached to Shiatsu. I realized that many of the principles I learned in Kenpo I could now applied them to this new field in a more relaxed way. Shiatsu
is a traditional Japanese hands-on therapy based on anatomical and physiological theory strongly linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I took a 3 year professional course at the Accademia Italiana Shiatsu-Do and got the Diploma of Shiatsu Operator in 2008. I keep attending seminars of specialization and performing treatments.


I like travelling to new places and discover other cultures, landscapes, flavours and aromas…


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