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Measuring contaminats in the Po river (Italy)

The Po River is the longest Italian river. It begins in the upper reaches of the Western Alps (Monviso mountain), flowing west to east across northern Italy in a highly populated and industrialized region, ending in the Adriatic Sea. It is 652 km in length, and the median annual discharge flow is around 1.540 m3 s_1. It is, in terms of water flow and length, among the 10 largest European rivers (wordatlas). A joint sampling campaign was performed in Ferrara (Italy) and several pollutants from the priority list from the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) were the target. Water samples were collected and analyzed using different sampling and analytical instrumentation and approaches by laboratories from various Member States. This campaign was an intercomparison study for the chemical monitoring of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), and nonylphenol and octylphenol (NP/OP), organized by JRC-IES in support of the implementation of the WFD.

Sampling site (Ferrara)-Po river (Italy)Intercalibration standards

High-volume water sampling Water particle phase sampling

Most relevant scientific output:


Georg Hanke, Stefano Polesello, Giulio Mariani, Sara Comero, Jan Wollgast, Robert Loos, Javier Castro-Jiménez, Luisa Patrolecco, Sara Valsecchi, Marianna Rusconi, Nicoletta Ademollo, Giovanni Bidoglio (2012). Chemical-monitoring on-site exercises to harmonize analytical methods for priority substances in the European Union. Trac-Trends in Analytical Chemistry 36, 25-35

R. Loos, J. Wollgast, J. Castro-Jiménez, G. Mariani, T. Huber, G. Locoro, G. Hanke, G. Umlauf, G. Bidoglio, P. Hohenblum, W. Moche, S. Weiss, H. Schmid, F. Leiendecker, T. Ternes, A. Navarro Ortega; A. Hildebrandt, D. Barceló, P. Lepom, I. Dimitrova, O. Nitcheva, S. Polesello, S. Valsecchi, S. Boutrup, O. Sortkjaer, R. de Boer, J. Staeb (2008). Laboratory intercomparison study for the analysis of nonyl-and octylphenol in river water. Trac-Trends in Analytical Chemistry 27, 89-95.

G. Hanke, J. Wollgast, R. Loos, J. Castro-Jiménez, G. Umlauf, G. Mariani, A. Mueller, T. Huber, E. H. Christoph, G. Locoro, J.M. Zaldívar and G. Bidoglio (2007). Comparison of monitoring approaches for selected priority pollutants in surface water-An initiative in support to the Water Framework Directive Chemical Monitoring Activity- JRC Scientific and Technical Reports. EUR 22922 EN, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg: 73 pp

Communications at conferences / scientific meetings

Georg Hanke, Jan Wollgast, Robert Loos, J. Castro-Jiménez, Gunther Umlauf, Giulio Mariani, Anne Müller, Tania Huber, Eugen Christoph, Giovanni Locoro, Bernd Gawlik, José Manuel Zaldívar and Giovanni Bidoglio. Are Member States ready for compliance checking monitoring? A JRC initiative within the Chemical Monitoring Activity. Water Status Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystems under the WFD Conference. Lille, March 2007. Poster


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